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Land Property Rights and Rural-Urban Migration in China

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DOI: 10.23977/emsd.2019.031


Jixuan Li

Corresponding Author

Jixuan Li


Obstacles to internal migration in China contribute to inefficiency, inequality, and land degradation. Academic and policy debate has primarily focused on discrimination against rural migrants on arrival in urban areas. This paper examines the relationship between land property right reform and farm-households’ migration decisions, then analyzes various factors leading to migration. I use a multiple linear regression model as an identification strategy to look into the relationship between the migration and land tenure which can be separated into market mechanism and government mechanism. The result of regression model shows that land do influences migration through market channel and government channel. Besides, it also indicates that family income, gender, and party significantly influence migration as well.


Land tenure security, land property rights, rural-urban migration, China, Asia

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