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Research on the Development Status and Transformation of China's Direct Marketing Industry Under the Background of "Internet +"

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DOI: 10.23977/emsd.2019.035


Jiajun Li

Corresponding Author

Jiajun Li


The "Internet +" strategy has played an important role in the development of China's information society. For direct marketing enterprises, the "Internet +" strategy should make full use of Internet thinking and technology, and realize the organic integration of direct marketing interpersonal relationship network and Internet with the help of data support, platform support, social support and service support. Based on the strategic background of "Internet +", this paper takes the "Internet +" as the strategic background, analyzes the characteristics, advantages and practical applications of the direct marketing model, analyzes the main existing problems, and puts forward some countermeasures and suggestions for the mode transformation of the direct marketing enterprises.


“Internet +”, direct marketing, network direct marketing

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