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The Evaluation of Economic Potential of Cities in Sichuan Province by AHP

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DOI: 10.23977/emsd.2019.037


Jie Ai

Corresponding Author

Jie Ai


By AHP algorithm, this article analyzes the economic potential of 7 cities in Sichuan province, namely Chengdu, Minyang, Nanchong, Deyang, Zigong, Yibin, and Panzhihua, five factors acting as the criteria, including the GDP, local fiscal revenue, higher education population, labour productivity and average household. Moreover, a scientific judgment matrix is created based on real data to determine the weights. It can be concluded that the Chengdu boasts the highest value in every aspect, Yibin, Nanchong, Mianyang, Zigong, Deyang and Panzhihua rank next, and Panzhihua is the worst. Therefore, the city Panzhihua should be given some economic help. Based on real data, it is valuable to harness AHP algorithm for establishing the economic evaluation system, which provides reference for making economic strategy in Sichuan province.


AHP algorithm, economic potential, judgment matrix

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