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Research on the Rural Revitalization Strategy under the Background of the New Normal of Economy

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DOI: 10.23977/emsd.2019.047


Xingping Cui

Corresponding Author

Xingping Cui


With the continuous development of China's economy, China has entered a new normal of economy. Under the current situation, China has vigorously carried out the strategy of rural revitalization, which has promoted the smooth progress of China's rural economy scientifically and efficiently. However, we should also realize that while carrying out the strategy of rural revitalization, there are still various problems in the development of rural economy in our country. This thesis systematically expounds the main content and significance of the rural revitalization strategy, and explains the content of the new economic normal. In addition, starting from the current situation of rural economic development in China, this thesis points out the main problems existing in the development of rural areas in China, and in view of these problems, combined with the specific National Conditions of our country, puts forward the corresponding solutions. The author hopes that this thesis can give some reference to some scholars who study the development strategy of rural revitalization under the background of the New Normal of Economy.


The new normal of economy, rural revitalization strategy, economic development

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