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Research on the Innovation Mode of College Students' Educational Management based on the Concept of Rule of Law

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DOI: 10.23977/emsd.2019.048


Wenjun Li

Corresponding Author

Wenjun Li


The level of college students' education and management can directly affect the quality of college teaching. In the operation and management of colleges and universities, the educational management of college students occupies a very important position. The educational management of college students affects the quality and quantity of personnel training. Therefore, colleges and universities in our country must attach importance to the management and education of college students. In order to ensure that our country can continuously cultivate a variety of high-quality talents. From a certain point of view, colleges and universities and society have the same beauty, it also embodies the epitome of society everywhere. In addition, with the continuous acceleration of the process of legal construction in our country, the educational management of college students is also combined with the concept of the rule of law, which not only promotes the process of the construction of the rule of law on campus, but also fundamentally improves the level of educational management in colleges and universities. The educational management based on the concept of the rule of law must follow the people-oriented, respect the autonomy and creativity of the students, and pay attention to the concern for the study and life of the students. At present, under the concept of the rule of law in our country, the innovation of college students' education has become the focus of colleges and universities.


The concept of rule of law, educational management of college students, innovation mode

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