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Research on Comprehensive Evaluation of Power Grid Enterprise Information Management

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DOI: 10.23977/emsd.2019.068


Shuang Wang, Huiguang Mi, Ying Xia and Jia Dong

Corresponding Author

Jia Dong


With the rapid development of China's economy and information technology, power grid enterprise informatization also conforms to the trend of The Times. How to objectively and scientifically evaluate the benefits of the information construction of power grid enterprises has become a major problem. Therefore, it is of great significance to establish a set of scientific and systematic evaluation index system for the development of power grid enterprise informatization. On the basis of studying the theories and methods of enterprise informatization evaluation at home and abroad, and combining the previous research results and expert opinions, this paper establishes a set of informatization evaluation index system with characteristics of power grid enterprises. Then using analytic hierarchy process (AHP) to give weight to the index, to do information evaluation for a power grid enterprise. Data were collected through field survey and expert questionnaire, and fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method (FCE) was used to evaluate the enterprise.


Power grid enterprises, informatization, indicator system, evaluation method

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