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Transmission Performance Research of Two Kinds of Visible Light Duobinary Signals

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DOI: 10.23977/iccsc.2017.1018


Yue Zhou, Yufeng Shao, Zhifeng Wang, Junyi Zhou, Changxiang Li, Wenzhe Ma, XingPing Ji and Jianjun Wang

Corresponding Author

Yufeng Shao


Visible light communication (VLC) as a kind of short-range wireless optical communication technology, plays dual role of green illumination and data communication, and gets more attention. At the same time, since optical duobinary (ODB) modulation technique has good dispersion resistance, high spectral efficiency and simple realization, it can be used in the VLC systems. Two different optical duobinary modulation schemes (DA-ODB and LDF-ODB) are used to realize 10m wireless transmission of visible light with 550nm wavelength. The results show that when the BER (bit error rate) of received signals is 10-9, the receiver sensitivity in the LPF-ODB system is -35.9dBm, and the receiver sensitivity in the DA-ODB system is -38.3dBm which has better reception performance. The above results verify visible light duobinary signals have potential application value in the future wireless optical access systems.


VLC, DA-ODB, LDF-ODB, Receiver sensitivity.

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