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Digital Economy and Legal Issues

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DOI: 10.23977/ceed.2019.032


Larisa V. Sannikova, Yuliya S. Kharitonova

Corresponding Author

Larisa V. Sannikova


Article is devoted to the problems of legal regulation of the digital economy. Based on the analysis of various approaches to the definition of the digital economy, the article concludes that, as the core of the digital economy and its essence, it is advisable to consider only those economic relations whose object is digital assets created and managed by digital technologies. The authors highlight the difference between digital objects and objects in electronic form. The danger of confusing the concepts of "electronic" and "digital" is that the application of digital technologies for the problems of the state and business provides much more efficiency than the simple application of electronic form instead of paper. It is noted that for the development of the digital economy it is necessary to create appropriate legal regulation that would provide legal clarity and protection of violated rights for all its participants. The article explores experience of different countries (USA, Malta, Russia), which regulate the use of digital technologies.


Digital Economy, Digital Technologies, Blockchain

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