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Probability Distribution of Time for Passengers Arriving at Security Area in Terminal

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DOI: 10.23977/icasit.2019.003


Zhixing Peng, Zhaoxin Chen, Wanli Dang, Huan Xia, Chang Liu

Corresponding Author

Zhixing Peng


The long queue time in the process of security inspection not only affects passengers’ boarding experience, but also has great influences on the efficiency of airport operation. It is a considerable challenge to solve this problem, because the time of passengers arriving at security areas is unknown. In order to reduce the queue time before security inspection, the airport managers generally decide to open or close some security counters according to the number of passengers standing in the security areas. However, this method cannot satisfy the requirements enough, and there will be some passengers waiting in the queue for a long time during the peak period. On the other side, it will waste security resources in the trough time. This paper studies the behaviors of passengers departing from check-in counters to the security areas in terminal based on a global optimal iterative method to generate the walking time from check-in counters to the security areas, waiting time in the security queue and the service time in security process. Furthermore, the distribution of time for passengers arriving at security areas is presented. It is possible to make an arrangement of opening security counters dynamically in advance. The research work in this paper can improve the utilization efficiency of airport security resources and is of great importance to improve the efficiency of airport operation and passengers’ experience.


Security inspection queue, passengers prediction, probabilistic distribution, civil aviation security, civil aviation efficiency

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