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Study on the impact of airport fire foam performance and fire extinguishing effectiveness

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DOI: 10.23977/icasit.2019.004


Jingyun Jia, Yawei Meng, Xiantao Chen

Corresponding Author

Jingyun Jia


The paper analyzed the effects of gas flow rate, liquid flow rate and gas-liquid mixture ratio on foam expansion by using the self-made gas-liquid two-phase foam nozzle. It is found that the fitting relationships between the expansion of AFFF and gas-liquid ratio varying from 2.5 to 22.5 are established as E=A1+A2*ln(x). Aviation kerosene fire extinguishing experiments were also conducted to study the relationship between expansion of AFFF and the extinguishing time. An array of 12 K-Type Nickel Cadmium thermocouples is placed above the pan to measure the flame temperature. The expansion varies from 5.0 to 17.0 by adjusting the gas-liquid ratio. The measured parameters include the gas-liquid ratio, expansion of AFFF, flame temperature, extinguishing time, and et al. The results show that the effect of the different expansion on extinguishing time is significant, and extinguishing time is shorter with higher foaming expansion.


Gas-liquid mixture ratio, foam expansion, extinguishing time, flame temperature

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