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Research on the influence of biological rhythm on aviation safety and safety strategy

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DOI: 10.23977/icasit.2019.006


Lihua Tang, Yu Dong, Lin Fang, Ying Xiong

Corresponding Author

Lihua Tang


The biorhythms were classified as physical rhythm, intellectual rhythm and emotional rhythm. Their parameters variation regular was summarized according to the origin, definition and essence, as well as the factors that can cause the deviation of biorhythm in civil aviation environment. The calculation method of biological rhythm was described, using the modern computer technology such as Excel spreadsheet programming function to build the biorhythm forecast table and the safety evaluation of civil aviation employees. The civil aviation unsafe incidents were calculated and analyzed to seek the correlation between the biorhythms and civil aviation unsafe incidents. On the basis of full consideration of biorhythm some realistic and reasonable safety strategies were put forward to reduce the incidence of civil aviation unsafe incidents.


Biorhythm, civil aviation safety, safety strategy

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