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Choosing Aircraft-Maintenance-Related Personality Traits with Personality-Oriented Job Analysis Method

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DOI: 10.23977/icasit.2019.014


Ruozhu Wang, Xuqun You

Corresponding Author

Xuqun You


Although personality-job fit has shown its importance to job performance, personality-job fit has been seldom involved in aircraft maintenance technician selection and what personality traits are most related to aircraft maintenance practices has not even been clear. We used a Personality-Oriented Job Analysis (POJA) method in order to screen out the most aircraft-maintenance-related personality traits. Under the POJA framework 12 subject matter experts (SME) rated personality traits in terms of relatedness to aircraft maintenance and inter-rater consistency was found; 150 new technicians were tested with Jackson Personality Inventory (JPI) and later were evaluated on maintenance performance, with significant correlation found between SMEs’ ratings and criterion validity of the traits. With the POJA method we screened out “organization”, “energy” and “responsibility” as the most aircraft-maintenance-related traits and they significantly predicted aircraft maintenance performance.


Aircraft maintenance, personality trait, POJA, validation

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