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Air transport investment and the promotion of economic growth: partial-closed I-O model

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DOI: 10.23977/icasit.2019.016


Jinmei Ge, Xianfeng Qi, Fen Zhan

Corresponding Author

Jinmei Ge


This paper studies the role of fixed assets investment in air transport industry on the economic output of the industry and the overall economy. Based on the input-output table and fixed assets investment data, it is found that the pull effect of air transportation industry is more significant and the degree of dependence on fixed assets is much higher compared with four different traffic modes. Further the input-output line model and the partial-closed model are compiled to measure the impact of investment on the sector economic output and the overall economy.Although the air transport industry has the lowest investment in fixed assets among the four modes of transportation, it has the highest investment efficiency. The proportion of the added value of its investment in transportation is 2-3 times that of its investment. Considering the impact of investment on sector output, the air transport industry is the highest among the four modes of transportation. The output that takes into account the influence of consumption is about twice as much as the output without considering the propensity to consume. The ratio between the two has been rising since 2002, indicating that the impact of investment on consumption is expanding year by year. This factor should be taken into account in investment planning. It is also found that the role of transport investment is gradually weakened.


Partial-closed Model, Input-Output, Investment multiplier

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