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Study on Risk Evaluation Model of Aircraft Hard Landing Events

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DOI: 10.23977/icasit.2019.019


Xin Wang, Lingyun Miao, Huabo Sun

Corresponding Author

Xin Wang


The risk evaluation model of hard landing event is established to improve the risk management level in this paper. The hard landing evaluation index system is established. The risk of aircraft hard landing is calculated with the combination of the qualitative and quantitative method. The risk grade and the main risk factors affecting the aircraft hard landing risk are determined. The validity of the model is verified by an example analysis of the flight quality monitoring events of a certain airline's the B737 fleets in 2017. It is found the risk of the hard landing event is contributed greatly to high vertical g during landing, overweight landing, and high sink rate.


Risk management, safety evaluation, hard landing, flight operation quality assurance, exceedance events

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