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The Distribution Characteristics of ILS’s Track Deviation Research

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DOI: 10.23977/icasit.2019.021


Wang Zhong, Xu Yudun, Li Na

Corresponding Author

Wang Zhong


The distribution characteristics of the track deviation of the precision approach segment are studied. The Monte Carlo simulation is used to obtain the track deviation data when constructing the collision risk model [1]. Since it does not obey the Gaussian distribution, the GMM is established and the maximum expectation is used to obtain a probability density function. It is proved that 2-class GMM can describe the vertical deviation distribution and 3-class GMM can describe the horizontal deviation distribution. Comparing with the data in [1], the probability distribution constructing by this paper is proved to be accurate and effective. It also demonstrates the safety assessed by OAS for ultra-long runways.


Obstacle risk Assessment, Obstacle collision, Gaussian mixture model

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