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A Study on the Causes of a Particularly Serious Plane Crash

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DOI: 10.23977/icasit.2019.023


Ping Gao, Shanghong Shi, Huiying Liu

Corresponding Author

Ping Gao


Safety is the lifeblood of the aviation industry. Aviation accidents occurred occasionally in recent years. Studies have shown that human unsafe behavior is the main cause of accidents. For the purpose of preventing accidents, the most basic method of behavioral safety is to correct people's unsafe acts and habits. Based on the behavior-based accident causation ‘2-4 model’, this paper analyzed the causes of a particularly serious plane crash from different aspects of human acts and habits , organizational system and cultural atmosphere. A conclusion was drawn that the organization’s wrong behavior was the leading cause of the accident. The chain of causes of the accident was obtained as well. According to the analysis results, we put forward the specific measures for preventing accidents as followings, cultivating employees' habits, improving the safety management system and publicizing safety culture. Finally, the chain of precaution for accidents was formed.


Aviation, plane crash, the behavior-based accident causation ‘2-4 model’, cause analysis, precaution, chain of causes of accidents, chain of precaution for accidents

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