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Operation and Rectification of Monitoring Systems for Under-Reported Healthcare Adverse Event: Experience from a Tertiary Medical Center

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DOI: 10.23977/icemei.2019.023


YaoHui Wang, HaiXiao Chen, LiNa He, QuanLong Liu, XinChun Li

Corresponding Author

XinChun Li


This study is based on the related background of adverse event reporting system and existing issues in our hospital, proposing the ubiquitous phenomenon of healthcare adverse event being under-reported in various hospitals. Combined with the practical experience in TaizhouHospital since over 6 years ago, this study comprehensively describes the monitoring system of under-reported healthcare adverse events, including definition, monitoring and optimization of the system. Thereafter, it is thoroughly analyzed about the running process of the healthcare adverse event reporting system in Taizhou Hospital of Zhejiang Province. Afterwards, based on discussions and analyses of statistics, several constructive comments are proposed, which are about the monitoring system of under-reported healthcare adverse event.


Adverse event, under-reported, monitoring

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