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On a Method to Detect the Dynamic Hotspot

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DOI: 10.23977/mastic.011


Takahiro Saito and Isamu Watanabe

Corresponding Author

Takahiro Saito


Even if there is a risk of two ships colliding, this risk can usually be averted using avoidance maneuvers. However, if this avoidance maneuver is restricted, for example,because it affects the course of a third ship, then it is difficult to reduce this risk. We call the point where such a situation occurs the dynamic hotspot. In this paper, we propose a method to detect this dynamic hotspot in the near future, from current AIS data. We also discuss the nature of dynamic hotspots calculated from historical AIS data in two respects. First, in respect of spatiotemporal statistics using the Moran scatter plot. The second is more practical;we discuss the relation to the spatial distribution of a Multiple Encounter, which is implied to have a relation to the above situation.


Dynamic Hotspot, Collision Risk, Moran Scatter Plot, Multiple Encounter

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