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The Shipping Feasibility in Indonesian Waters is Supported by Predictors based on Expert System and Information Systems of Android

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DOI: 10.23977/mastic.017


Syamsul Arifin and Aulia Siti Aisjah

Corresponding Author

Syamsul Arifin


Maritime weather information system is needed by the Indonesian fishermen and sea transportation users. The system has been designed to be able to provide in present and in the future information in high accuracy. The system connects directly to the database of mobile phone fishermen. The system consists of several sub-systems that are capable of processing and analyzing data from the buoy weather stations, predict in several hours in the later. Predictors designed in various expert methods, which were based on fuzzy and neural network. The predictor results in the highest accuracy when it was used of Fuzzy Type II. Testing the system was done in many waters in East Java, and Surabaya-Banjarmasin sea line. The longest time the information received by the fisherman is 20 seconds since it is sent by maritime station data server, and it is not losses data.


Android, Fuzzy Type II, Indonesia waters, information system, maritime weather, predictors, sea transportation users

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