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Ship Collision Risk Assessment at Water Area of Container Terminal due to Marine Traffic in the Surabaya West Access Channel

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DOI: 10.23977/mastic.018


A.A.B. Dinariyana, K.B. Artana and Pandhu H. Amarta

Corresponding Author

A.A.B. Dinariyana


This paper addresses a study on risk assessment of ship collision in water area of Container Terminal in the Surabaya West Access Channel (SWAC). The SWAC is the one of the busiest access channels in Indonesia which located between eastern part of Java and Madura Islands. Hence, to provide the safe operation of ships, it is important to assess the risk due to existence of marine traffic in this water area. In this study, the risk assessment also considered future traffic due to future development in this area. It is expected that Java Integrated Industrial and Port Estate (JIIPE) with several new development of industrial ports will contribute to the increase of shipping traffic in SWAC. The risk assessment is conducted for both analyzing annual frequency of collision and consequence of collision by analyzing the damage of ship structures. The annual frequency of collision is done using numerical calculation based on IWRAP theory developed by Peter Friis-Hansen. The ship structural damage analysis to determine the impact of ship collision is done using 3D model. The risk due to collision of ships in this area is considered as acceptable risk if the frequency of ship collision is less than unity (one collision per year). The structural damage analysis gives the result of external dynamics when two ships are collided.


Ship Collision, Risk Assessment, Structural Damage

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