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Risk Assessment of the Collisions between Floating Containers and Vessels

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DOI: 10.23977/mastic.030


Adhi Iswantoro, Trika Pitana, M. Badrus Zaman and Semind

Corresponding Author

Adhi Iswantoro


The shipwrecks have some impact, one of which is the impact on ship navigation and the environment. An example is a shipwreck may cause disruption to another ship's voyage if the wreck is on a cruise line. The disorder can come from shipwrecks as well as their cargo, especially if it is in shallow (<50m), and oil from shipwrecks can also contaminate the environment. This study discusses the impact of ship cargoes to navigation when the container floats in the sea and collides with other passing vessels. The purpose of this study was to assess risk on floating containers from shipwrecks. This study combines the probability and consequences of an event based on the Risk Acceptance Criteria. This research uses the Risk Matrix 5 x 5 to determine the level of risk. Result of this research the container re-floating is unlikely and the risks to safe navigation or shipping in the area are low and acceptable.


Floating Container, Navigation, Risk Assessment

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