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Formal Safety Assessment on Current Inland Navigation Practices at Kenyir Lake, Malaysia.

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DOI: 10.23977/mastic.040


Noor Apandi Osnin and Noorul Shaiful Fitri Abdul Rahman

Corresponding Author

Noor Apandi Osnin


Kenyir Lake, Malaysia is a major tourist destination catering to almost a million visitors annually, the majority of whom are engaged in water-based activity and navigation. The formal safety assessment method (FSA) was introduced by the International Maritime Organisation as a tool for decision-making process to ensure that action is taken before a disaster occurs. It will be adapted and applied in conjunction with pair wise comparison method and community survey. The objective is to determine the status of current navigation practices on Kenyir Lake, identify hazards and propose counter measure to enhance navigational safety. The study found that capsizing is the main Hazard and that standard operating procedures have high benefit cost ratio as a Control Option. Local authorities could consider these in their approach to enhance navigational safety practices on Kenyir Lake especially for tourism management and economic sustainability. Inland navigation in general will benefit from the application of FSA on navigation practices.


Formal Safety Assessment, Kenyir Lake, Navigation Safety, Analytical Hierarchy Process, Inland Navigation

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