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Global and Local Optimization Method to Determine RoRo’s Principle Particulars

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DOI: 10.23977/mastic.042


Hasanudin, Achmad Baidowi

Corresponding Author



The determination the principal particulars of RoRo in design stage has crucial influence to technical and economic performance. This Global and Local (GOLOC) optimization is able to provide optimum principal particulars. The global optimization is used to obtain optimum value of the global objective function and the local is used to find the local optimization value. GOLOC method requires two stages of optimization, the global optimization which produce one set of feasible principal particulars and the second stage is local optimization which use global optimization results as input. The local optimization is conducted to reduce the weakness of global results. There are 16 results of global optimization which satisfies all required constraints which resulted 10,000 trainings. The difference between maximum and minimum of global optimization result is 7.02 % while the difference between minimum of global optimization and minimum objective function of local optimization result is 2.17%. The GOLOC optimization able to improve optimization result without trapped in the one point of variable.


Optimization, Global and Local, Principal particular

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