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Research on Evaluation Index System of Smart City based on Four Helix Theory

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DOI: 10.23977/cii2019.10


Jun Jiang, Jing Chen

Corresponding Author

Jun Jiang


The development of smart cities is conducive to the promotion of urban economic development, optimization of industrial structure, and is also an important driving force for China's urbanization development. Therefore, it is particularly important to establish a reasonable and effective smart city evaluation system. This research is based on the concept of innovation 2.0, with urban users as the center and openness and collaboration as the basic modes, and constructs a smart city evaluation index system based on the four-helix theory, including four first-class indexes of smart infrastructure, smart governance, smart economy and smart people's livelihood, 10 second-class indexes of perceived network construction level, broadband network construction level and database construction level, and 33 third-class indexes of smart grid coverage rate, sensor number and 3S equipment coverage rate, so as to provide decision-making basis for the sustainable development of Chinese cities.


Smart City, Evaluation Index, Four Helix Theory, Innovation 20 Concept

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