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Three-Dimensional Application of Information Visualization Graphic Design

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DOI: 10.23977/cii2019.18


Pinyi Sun

Corresponding Author

Pinyi Sun


In order to study the graphics design of information visualization and explore the application of information visualization graphics design in Museum exhibitions, a new perspective of combining information visualization graphics design with museum exhibitions is opened. The results show that information visualization graphic design plays an important role in the efficient dissemination of information, saving the time of human understanding and absorption of information, and improving the efficiency of people's use of information. The three-dimensional application of information visualization graphic design plays an immeasurable role in improving the cultural information dissemination of the National Museum exhibition, displaying the Chinese history and civilization, and analyzing the contents of exhibits and value of the whole exhibition. It is seen that the three-dimensional application rules and methods of information visualization graphic design under different exhibition categories can provide reference and guidance for the exhibition application of other museums, and give full play to the demonstration effect of National Museum exhibitions. It plays a positive role in improving people's cultural consciousness, enhancing cultural self-confidence, and promoting the exchange of civilizations between China and foreign countries.


Information visualization, graphic design, national museum, exhibition

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