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Research on Data Center Energy Saving Algorithm in Cloud Computing System

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DOI: 10.23977/cii2019.27


Yamei Zhang

Corresponding Author

Yamei Zhang


Summary With the continuous development and improvement of cloud computing technology, it has been widely used by different operators due to its unique advantages and huge commercial value. However, there are still many shortcomings in system maintenance and management, and the efficiency of energy consumption. It is one of the priorities that need to be addressed. This paper studies the high energy consumption of cloud computing data centers, categorizes the current energy-saving algorithms, and focuses on virtualization-based energy-saving algorithms, DVFS-based energy-saving algorithms, host-based power-off algorithms based on host shutdown/on, and virtual machine migration algorithms. And the energy consumption assessment model of virtual machine migration, and the advantages and disadvantages of the algorithm are briefly explained.


Cloud computing, data center, energy saving algorithm, virtual machine migration

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