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Design and Application of IoT based Intelligent Logistics Monitoring System

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DOI: 10.23977/cii2019.36


Ruoran Jia

Corresponding Author

Ruoran Jia


This paper describes an intelligent system for real-time item status monitoring in the logistics process. By installing the logistics monitoring device and binding the monitoring device and the item information, the user can know the status of the item in real time. The main components of the system include: power module, main control module, communication module, status sensor, terminal electronic device and data center. The relationship between them is as follows: the power modules are respectively powered by the main control module, the communication module and the status sensor; The status sensor is responsible for detecting the status of the item and transmitting the status information to the main control module, and then the main control module transmits the information directly or indirectly to the data center via the communication module, and then the data center distributes the information to the terminal, and finally the terminal electronic device displays the real-time. Item monitoring information, and the monitoring information is analyzed by the data center. The system has the characteristics of monitoring device recycling, miniaturization, and monitoring systemization etc. The signal processing and processing of the terminal electronic device or the data center reduces the additional burden of the underlying hardware such as the main control module and improves the efficiency.


Intelligent logistics, monitoring system, main control module, data center

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