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Exploration of Fuzzy Cost in Power Wiring Process

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DOI: 10.23977/cii2019.44


Wenchao Liu

Corresponding Author

Wenchao Liu


The most important factor in the choice of wiring lines in the traditional power wiring process is the total cost of wiring, and the cost based on the power wiring planner mainly refers to the visible cost in the wiring planning. This paper proposes a new calculation method of fuzzy cost. The fuzzy cost here mainly refers to the loss caused by urban economic development and existing economic structure in the process of power wiring. The power wiring fuzzy cost model is used to analyze the discrete analysis of variables that indirectly reflect social economic development and daily production and life, and then through fuzzy cost estimation model and discrete adjustment of results to evaluate the actual wiring reliability. This method takes the non-traditional cost into consideration during the construction of the project through the measurement of fuzzy costs, and improves the existing cost assessment system.


Power wiring, wiring costs, fuzzy costs

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