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The Key Technology of Drug Delivery Robot based on Compound Sensing in Patient Location

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DOI: 10.23977/cii2019.56


Jin Zhang, Yongliang Zhang, Bichao Pan

Corresponding Author

Yongliang Zhang


The core function of the robot facing the scene of drug delivery in hospital is to deliver the medicine to the patient. Locating the position of the patient's limbs in space relative to the robot is a key technology. Traditional technology based on single sensor is difficult to identify human body in complex scenes. In this paper, based on the fusion of sensing information between the two-axis Laser radar and the visible camera, the support vector machine (SVM) algorithm, which combines the normal filter and the dimensionality reduction of point cloud data, can effectively locate the patient's body. Effective and reliable limb positioning is achieved at relatively low cost.


Point Cloud, Normal filter, Laser radar, SVM

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