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Application of Improved Generalized Predictive Control in Main Steam Temperature of Thermal Power Boiler

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DOI: 10.23977/cii2019.57


Jin Gao, Jiayan Zhang, Xugang Feng

Corresponding Author

Jin Gao


For the main steam temperature control object of thermal power unit, it has the characteristics of time-varying, strong coupling, nonlinearity and large disturbance. The improved generalized predictive control is applied to its control system. The method not only retains the basic features and advantages of the generalized predictive control algorithm, but also has a simple algorithm, which does not require a large number of calculations of the matrix, thereby reducing the amount of online calculation, ensuring the rapidity of the system, and enabling the input to be well controlled. Within the scope of the constraint. Finally, through simulation analysis and engineering application, the improved generalized predictive control proposed in this paper has the advantages of small overshoot, short adjustment time and strong anti-interference ability, which effectively improves the stability of the main steam temperature control system.


Thermal power generation, Boiler, main steam temperature, generalized predictive control

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