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Intelligent Suitcase based on Arduino Microcontroller

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DOI: 10.23977/cii2019.67


Yue Cao

Corresponding Author

Yue Cao


Arduino is an open source, portable, flexible and easy to use open source electronic platform. This intelligent suitcase uses Arduino as a single chip microcomputer and HC-SR04 ultrasonic ranging module to realize intelligent following person’s track. The handheld device is made of an Arduino Nano board and connected to the HC-SR04 ultrasonic module for receiving and transmitting ultrasonic signals. Both sides of the suitcase are also ultrasonic modules. Intelligent tracking is realized by detecting the time difference between the signal launched by the hand-held ultrasonic module and the ultrasonic module on the two sides of the suitcase, which reflects the relationship between the running direction of the suitcase and the direction of the person. In addition, the suitcase can also be equipped with smart locks, removable battery and can be switched to mobile phone remote control and automatic follow mode. The suitcase can also be switched to a hand-pulled mode when the battery is run out. This paper proves the feasibility of intelligent luggage following by using ultrasonic module through theory.


Arduino Microcontroller, HC-SR04 ultrasonic module, intelligent following person’s track

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