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Research on the Design of Electronic Clock with Diversified Functions

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DOI: 10.23977/cii2019.79


Yuyu Dai

Corresponding Author

Yuyu Dai


The main purpose of this paper is to realize a multi-function electronic clock, and use six eight-segment digital tubes to display each of the hour, minute and second. We use counters to implement an electronic clock. Then, the function of the hourly timekeeping is realized by "if" judgment of the number of time, tenth, and tenth digits; the proofreading function by setting "1" to the clock signal of the school and calibration; by setting a flag The bit "stop" is counted and the number of "clk" is controlled to implement the start/stop counting function.For the electronic clock, because it has many functions to be implemented, it is not easy to implement in one structure and it is easy to cause confusion. Therefore, in the code design, I used the idea of sub-module "component" to design each function module separately. Then, instantiate through the "port map" in the main program, and connect the functions of each module.Finally, we implement a multi-function electronic clock with hourly timekeeping function, proofreading function and start/stop counting.


Multi-function electronic clock, hourly timekeeping, proofreading function, start/stop counting function

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