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A Platform for Processing the Electrical Capacitance Tomography Images

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DOI: 10.23977/cii2019.80


Huiying Fan

Corresponding Author

Huiying Fan


Electrical capacitance tomography is a process tomography technology based on medical CT technology. In recent years, ECT technology has been widely used in industry because of its non-invasive, safety and low-cost advantages. It is of great theoretical significance and practical value to further study the visualization technology of pipeline fluid by ECT technology. However, due to the limitation of the number of sensors' inductive electrodes, the capacitance data collected are not complete, and the traditional reconstruction algorithm cannot completely restore the distribution of fluid dielectric constant, which makes the spatial resolution of ECT reconstruction image low, even produces noise and artifacts. Therefore, the better reconstruction algorithm further processing of ECT reconstructed images are needed. In this paper, the better reconstruction algorithm and the post-processing methods of ECT reconstructed images are studied in detail. In this paper, a better reconstruction algorithm and ECT reconstruction post-processing method are studied in detail, a better reconstruction algorithm is designed, and a more perfect and convenient post-processing platform for processing the Electrical Capacitance tomography images is established.


A platform for processing the Electrical Capacitance tomography images, reconstruction algorithm

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