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Analysis and Research on Bank Lending Risk Control Based on Internet Finance

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DOI: 10.23977/gebm.2019.002


ShiHuai Chen

Corresponding Author

ShiHuai Chen


In recent years, with the development of social economy, the bank lending field has been continuously expanded, and the variety and quantity of bank lending has also shown an unprecedented development trend. Various fund lending relationships are splendid, the network system is constantly optimized, and the financial market is becoming more mature. In the increasingly real life of online transactions, bank lending business is gradually infiltrating into the Internet, and in the overall economic activities, the status is increasingly Important, and thus related financial risks. Internet has become one of the development channels of the financial market. It aims to expand financing and investment channels to meet the growing demand for financial services. The Internet has been used to promote the steady development of the banking lending financial industry. Internet financial credit, as one of the emerging forms of credit, People's daily life is more common, so the risk management of bank lending is also a problem that needs attention at present.


Internet finance, Bank lending, Risk management, Credit system

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