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Research on the impact of blockchain-based Token economy on enterprise sharing enablement

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DOI: 10.23977/gebm.2019.005


Peiyao Xu, Ziwei Zhao

Corresponding Author

Peiyao Xu


As a fully recorded and distributed public ledger, blockchain provides an information environment of security and mutual trust for the generation of digital certificate. The Token economy based on blockchain enables enterprises to share with more sufficient data and stronger computing power in operation, data, new drawing and other aspects. At the same time, it also provides pricing for users' assets and becomes a tool for accounting, incentive, guest retention, pricing, fission and growth, making users become the biggest creators of future value. By studying the sharing and value co-creation mechanism of blockchain Token economy, this paper proposes to build an enabling sharing economy with industrial routers, aiming at helping enterprises to promote their rapid responses to the market, improve business operation model, refine value chain of circulation , increase quality and efficiency, and achieve innovative leapfrog development.


Token economy, blockchain, enterprise sharing enablement

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