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Analysis and discussion on the characteristics and current situation of patent assets appraisal in China

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DOI: 10.23977/gebm.2019.014


Xinrong Liu, Lu Wang

Corresponding Author

Xinrong Liu


With the introduction of the national innovation-driven strategy, mass entrepreneurship and innovation have been popular. In recent years, the quantity of China's patent assets have increased rapidly, and activities related to patent assets such as transaction, investment, pledge loan, securitization financing, litigation and service management have gradually increased, which undoubtedly expands the market of patent assets evaluation industry. However, China' s asset appraisal industry started late, the development is not mature. Based on the characteristics of China's patent asset appraisal market, the problems of the patent assets appraisal industry in China are gradually exposed, such as the lack of standardization, the low professional quality of the appraisers, and the improper application of the appraisal methods, which reduce the accuracy of the patent asset appraisal value and make the patent assets appraisal industry become formalistic. In view of the problems existing in the current patent assets evaluation, this paper puts forward some constructive suggestions, such as enacting relevant regulations and policies, regularly assessing professionals, consulting patent experts, etc. We hope to achieve the purpose of invigorating the patent evaluation industry and enhancing the credibility of the evaluation results.


Patent assets assessment, Status analysis, Improving advice

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