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Application Analysis of Kingdee Cloud Accounting

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DOI: 10.23977/gebm.2019.018


Min Tao

Corresponding Author

Min Tao


With the development of the Internet and the arrival of the era of big data, a series of new accounting models such as online accounting and cloud storage have begun to enter the public's field of vision. Accounting software led by Kingdee Cloud Accounting has occupied the accounting market of some small and medium-sized enterprises with its low cost and high efficiency. It has improved the office efficiency of the enterprise and the overall service level of the accounting industry. At the same time, it also put forward new requirements for accountants.Based on the function introduction of Kingdee Cloud Accounting, this paper analyzes the difference and relationship between Kingdee Cloud Accounting and traditional accounting software, and analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of Kingdee Cloud Accounting and proposes solutions. Through this series of analysis, it is proved that in order to realize the long-term and steady development of the accounting industry, we must keep pace with the times, constantly improve the accounting online software, propose new problems and solve them, and finally we will usher in the prosperity of the domestic market economy and accounting industry in the era of big data.


Kingdee Cloud accounting, accounting online software, cloud computing

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