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The Influence of the Belt and Road Policy on International Trade

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DOI: 10.23977/gebm.2019.026


Xinrui Zhao

Corresponding Author

Xinrui Zhao


According to the theory of international trade, the market choices of enterprises' exports are mainly affected by the size of export markets, trade liberalization, and financial development, and the facilities, links, and trade flows of the "One Belt and One Road" construction will serve precisely to create new market demands, improve trade liberalization and promote financial innovation. To this end, we can take advantage of this and adopt appropriate new strategies in opening up new markets for exports, improving trade facilitation, and building a major financial artery to expand exports to countries along the “One Belt and One Road” initiative, thus promoting diversified new developments in the export market.


One Belt, One Road, Construction, Diversification of Export Markets, Trade Facilitation

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