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Research and Construction of Hierarchical E-commerce Professional Practical Training System Based on Industry-education Integration

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DOI: 10.23977/gebm.2019.042


Xuefeng Zhao, Dongtao Sun

Corresponding Author

Xuefeng Zhao


Practical teaching is an extremely essential part in cultivation of e-commerce talents. Practical training system is the key of practical teaching. To tackle problems like incomplete conformity of the existing practical training system of e-commerce major to the cultivation of students' ability and loss tie between the practical training projects and social needs, this paper uses industry-education integration as the entry point to design, complement and build up the practical training system of e-commerce major. It aims to make the practical training system closer to the skill needs of the post, promote the construction of professional talent cultivation system and improve the quality of the talent.


Industry-education Integration, E-commerce, Practical Training System

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