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Multi-sensor and Multi-target Tracking Based On Laser Technology

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DOI: 10.23977/icmee.2019.2707


Jubao Qu, Banghai Chi

Corresponding Author

Jubao Qu


In this paper, we design and implement a variable scale adaptive SIFT algorithm to identify and track multiple targets by using the fast and high-precision characteristics of laser detection. By creating the target scale space, determining the location and main direction of the target feature points, we form the feature vector of the target feature points, and design a multi-target scale adaptive algorithm to track and predict the state of the target, so as to achieve the goal Now the effect of multi-target continuous matching tracking is achieved. The experimental results show that the algorithm is simple, adaptive, real-time, multi-target remote tracking effect is good, the environmental requirements are low, and the project is easy to achieve.


Laser, Sensor, Target, Tracking

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