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Application of Microservice Architecture in Battery Monitoring System

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DOI: 10.23977/icmee.2019.2708


Tianrui Zhao, Dongjiang Li

Corresponding Author

Tianrui Zhao


Batteries are widely used in power industry, so it is very important to ensure their safety. Therefore, the working parameters and working conditions of batteries should be checked regularly to ensure that all parameters are within the normal range. If abnormal conditions occur, timely protective measures can be taken to ensure that the whole power supply system will not outwork. Traditional manual measurement is time-consuming, laborious and inaccurate. Nowadays, the development of sensor technology and internet technology can be applied in battery measurement and online monitoring system. Considering the huge number of backup energy batteries, the large number of clients uploading data, the large amount of instantaneous access, and the scalability of system functions, backstage data terminals adopt micro-service architecture, which provides good reliability and scalability for the system.


Batteries, sensor technology, internet technology, online monitoring system, micro-service architecture

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