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Construction and Application of Civil Aviation Airport Police Work Cloud Platform

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DOI: 10.23977/icmee.2019.2722


Liu Heng

Corresponding Author

Liu Heng


The actual demand of civil aviation airport is the starting point of design. Using advanced and mature technology, a comprehensive, high-quality and efficient secondary alarm system is designed. The system mainly includes: communication command and dispatch system, access police system and computer. Auxiliary dispatching system, GIS police electronic geographic information system, large database and other subsystems, aim to fully meet the business needs of the integrated police, integrate the functions of playing, preventing, managing, controlling, etc. Seamless integration to support the query, storage and management of multiple types of information. The purpose of the system is to centrally accept and specialize the various alarms received, and use the system's GIS and other functions to dispatch various police and medical, health and other related forces, so as to achieve the most scientific and efficient access police. It plays a more important role in handling major cases across the region, handling major mass incidents and emergencies, supporting comprehensive information sharing intelligent decision-making, and dispatching police forces to participate in natural disasters and disaster relief.


Civil aviation airport, Establishment of police work cloud platform, GIS, System design, System implementation

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