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Quantitative Evaluation of Soil and Water Loss in Black Soil Based on RS and GIS

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DOI: 10.23977/icmee.2019.2723


Bo Xu, Yuefen Li, Yinghan Liu, Yuchi Pu and Shujie Li

Corresponding Author

Shujie Li


With the development of society, people are making more and more intensive use of the land on which they live. However, natural resources are limited and cannot satisfy the endless possessive desire of people. It will lead to the frequent occurrence of natural disasters. This paper is mainly aimed at the black soil erosion in the area of the province, taking the area as the research object, taking meteorological data, soil data, DEM data, remote sensing images, Landsat TM images, and landsat8 OLI images, Based on the Yearbook of Statistical Yearbook and the official website of the provincial government, the RUSLE model, was used to analyze the temporal and spatial pattern of soil erosion intensity, and the soil erosion and soil erosion factors in the area. Finally, soil erosion in different slopes and different altitudes was obtained, and finally, the soil erosion condition in the study area was obtained. According to the actual situation, relevant soil protection measures and improvement programs are put forward.


Black soil, soil erosion, soil erosion, RS, GIS, RUSLE model

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