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Research on Reversible Watermarking Algorithms in Image Encryption Domain Based on ZUC Algorithms

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DOI: 10.23977/icmee.2019.2727


Shuai Lian, Haiyang Ding and Zichen Li

Corresponding Author

Haiyang Ding


This paper designs and implements an image encryption domain reversible watermarking algorithm based on ZUC stream cipher. The content owner encrypts the carrier image with ZUC encryption algorithm. The watermark embedder uses the LSB method to embed the watermark information, and the receiver first decrypts the encrypted image containing the embedded watermark. Then, according to the spatial correlation of natural images, the smoothness of each image block in each group is compared to find the modified image block, thereby realizing correct extraction of watermark information and image recovery. The simulation results of MATLAB show that the algorithm is simple, novel, and has high efficiency, and has high PSNR value and NC value.


Image encryption, ZUC stream cipher, reversible watermark, image recovery

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