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Analysis on Phase Center Error of Star-Shaped GNSS Antenna without Jamming

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DOI: 10.23977/icmee.2019.2729


Hengchao Ma, Kejin Cao, Yinbing Zhu, Bao Li

Corresponding Author

Kejin Cao


In order to enable high-precision positioning of satellite navigation receivers using GNSS array antennas, it is necessary to select an appropriate antenna array according to requirements and consider the error of the phase center of the antenna array. Under the condition of no interference, the antenna array and its phase center error model are established by taking the common star-shaped antenna array as an example. The phase center error of different satellites with different array elements is analyzed and compared. The simulation results show that the phase center error of the antenna array has a periodicity when the satellite signal changes along the azimuth. When there is no interference, the phase center of the star-shaped antenna array composed of odd array elements coincides with its geometric center, and the phase error is much smaller than that of the even array elements. The array can meet the high-precision positioning requirements without considering the factors such as mutual coupling of array elements.


GNSS, Phase Center, Array Antenna, Satellite Signal

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