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Analysis and Improvement of Acoustic Contribution of Tractor Cab

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DOI: 10.23977/icmee.2019.2730


Kai Zhu, Xintan Ma, Weiwei Xu

Corresponding Author

Kai Zhu,


In order to study the influence of structural low-frequency vibration on the driver's ear noise, the combination of plate acoustic contribution and modal acoustic contribution was used to overcome the shortcomings of the plate acoustic contribution method which is easy to generate new sound pressure peak. By establishing the tractor cab boundary element model, the acoustic transfer vector and modal acoustic transfer vector analysis were combined with the panel and modal shape analysis with the largest contribution of the driver's ear position sound pressure peak to the right door and front block of the cab. The wind is thickened, and the maximum position of the right baffle vibration is reinforced, which effectively reduces the total sound pressure at the driver's ear and does not generate a new sound pressure peak, thereby improving the cab noise level.


Cab, Boundary Element, Plate Acoustic Contribution, Modal Contribution

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