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A Survey of Data Governance Research Based on Industrial Internet

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DOI: 10.23977/icmee.2019.2740


Rong Li, Weiye Meng, Xuemin Wang and Zhixia Guo

Corresponding Author

Rong Li


In the environment of massive and multivariate data provided by Industrial Internet, data governance highlights the practical significance and application value. Data governance includes the evaluation and supervision mechanism in the whole process from data acquisition to processing to final application, aiming at improving data quality, realizing data sharing and finally forming valuable data assets. Firstly, this paper introduces the necessity of data governance and the research problems encountered in data governance under the Industrial Internet environment. Secondly, from different perspectives such as data specification, data quality assessment, metadata management and data security, the existing data governance schemes in industry and academia are described in detail. Finally, the development trend of data governance technology in the field of Industrial Internet is summarized, and the prospects are given.


Data governance, Industrial Internet, Data quality, Data specification, Data security

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