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Study of Creating Ad-hoc network in dormitory

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DOI: 10.23977/icmee.2019.2745


Jiaran Zhang

Corresponding Author

Jiaran Zhang


Through the study of self-organizing network, we can understand the characteristics of network topology, implementation technology and its characteristics. The characteristics of network topology are: nodes have the ability of message forwarding; Ad-hoc network has the characteristic of self-organization; Ad-hoc network is dynamic and changeable. The implementation technologies are Bluetooth and ultra-wideband technology. The topology of Bluetooth is piconet, and the number of devices is up to 8. Bluetooth has radio frequency characteristics. But it still has the problems of short transmission distance, high power consumption and low security. Compared with Bluetooth, UWB technology has high transmission rate, low power, Strong anti-interference and more security. Because of its short duration of narrow pulse, it has a strong spatial-temporal resolution. In the dormitory environment, we use the existing equipment to create and test the ad hoc network.


Ad-hoc network, Bluetooth, UWB, dormitory Introduction

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