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The Case and Epidemiological Analysis of Low Vision in the Aged People

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DOI: 10.23977/medeb.2018.07009


Xiao Zhang, Yan Liu

Corresponding Author

Xiao Zhang


Objective: To investigate the causes of low vision in aged patients and to explore the clinical features of these patients, in order to provide evidences for protecting eyesight and improving quality of life in elderly people. Methods: A total of 310 patients ≥60 years of age with low vision were collected from our hospital between January, 2016 to December, 2017 to fill the basic questionnaires, and the distance, near vision, slit lamp, intraocular pressure, fundus and retinoscopy of aged people were checked. Results: The main causes of vision loss in aged people in 320 patients were refractive errors, accounting for 61.93%; cataracts second, accounting for 22.10%; glaucoma accounting for 5.64%; retinal lesions accounting for 4.19%; maculopathy accounting for 4.19%; other diseases accounted for 1.93%. The degree of vision loss was serious with age increased,the Spearson correlation coefficient was 0.203 (P <0.001). Patients with diabetes ≥ 5 years had worse visual acuity than those <5 years with statistically significant differences (Chi square = 10.496, P = 0.005). Conclusion: The causes of vision loss in aged people are complex. To protect the eyesight of the aged people, targeted measures should be taken.


Aged people, low vision, causes, Epidemiology

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