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Research on Talent Cultivation Mechanism of Costume Art Design in Fashion Industry

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DOI: 10.23977/icettl.2018.71132


Yuan Li

Corresponding Author

Yuan Li


The so-called "art design" is based on different angles such as technical, economic, and cultural perspectives, with high-efficiency utilization as an activity goal, and material materials and technological techniques to adapt to certain artistic means, and design planning according to aesthetic laws, combining functions, external forms, and cultural heritage in the creation of use-items, including functionality as the main design goal of the actual product and aesthetic-oriented viewing products, etc. The four major areas of clothing, food, housing and transportation are very extensive, and the most representative one is the clothing industry. Both the influence of the industry and the development trend of the industry have largely determined the direction of the development of the world trend. However, after all, the clothing industry is still a traditional industry, and there are drawbacks that hinder its development. It is necessary to strengthen the beginning and end of the “smile curve” to further realize high value-added products. Judging from the current status quo of the industry, the driving force behind the development of the apparel industry and the driving force for product innovation in the cultivation of design talents in the apparel industry, and it is necessary to establish an excellent art design talent training mechanism.


Clothing, art design, talent, fashion

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